new gear in-stock, last updated:
addac system: addac111, 111b, 206, 209 and 805
alm busy circuits: boss bow tie
animodule: anvilope, sob, tiktok, v9a and xxx_or
audio damage: æverb
blue lantern: line level converter, mini note computer, mix 'em up and transistor pyramid core vco
brownshoesonly: triple video lfo
circuit abbey: axis and unify input expander
critter & guitari: bolsa bass, iio, kaleidoloop, melody mill, pocket piano, rhythm scope and video scope
dark modular: portable208 (carbon fiber black and stealth black)
elite modular: elite 416 studio
evaton technologies: rf nomad
eventide: mixing link
frequency central: raging bull, system x amplifier, system x s/h noise, ultra wave and wave runner
grayscale: algorhythm, alternate panels, binary and synapse mutant bassdrum and mutant hihats
itijik: router
korg: ms-20 kit (user assembled)
make noise: mysteron and shared system
metasonix: r-57 dual vca preamp
microbe modular: equation composer
monome: one twenty eight and white whale (eurorack)
moog music: theremini
noise engineering: quantic fictus, sinclastic empulatrix and zularic repetitor
pittsburgh modular: phase shifter
qu-bit electronix: qu-mult and rt60
rebel technology: bit factor
sismo: vga box
softwire synthesis: octal voltage controlled switch
soulsby synthesizers: atmegatron complete
soundmachines: sy1 synesthesia and ul1 uloop
steady state fate: quantum rainbow 2 and ultra-random analog
synthetic sound labs: segwencer
synthrotek: dirt
teenage engineering: oplab
tip top audio: ma808
touellskouarn: hirlostek and jedoniañ
valhalla dsp: halls of valhalla
wmd: sequential switch matrix and ssm expand
xoac devices: tirana

coming soon:
4ms: row power and accessories
acidlab: 8cb, 8cyhh, 8hc, 8lmht, 8rs, ms2 and robokop
dave smith instruments: dsm01 and pro2 furtherrrr generator mutant clap
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
modulus music: modulus.002
moog: sub37
subtlenoisemaker: cacophonator noir

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