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Used Gear Sale Euclidean Circles V2 Empress Effects Echosystem Dual Engine Delay

new gear in-stock, last updated:
1010 music: waverazor dual oscillator module
alm busy circuits: quaid megaslope and mco
analogue solutions: generator
black corporation: kijimi
delta sound labs: mobula
dr. scientist: the atmosphere
dwarfcraft devices: shefuzz
erogenous tones: structure
eurodesk-z: klauz1e
flame: mäander
genus modu: low impedance bus board
grendel: drone commander classic pedal
happy nerding: 3x stereo mixer
kenton: pro cv to midi
kilpatrick audio: k4816, redox
landscape: human controlled tape transport
make noise: mimeophon
malekko heavy industry: goatkeeper
mannequins by whimsical raps: w/
metasonix: rk6 resonant lowpass filter
moog music: one
mutable instruments: tides2
mystic circuits: portal
noise engineering: ataraxic iteritas, lapsus os, muta jovis, pons asinorum, roti pola and sinc defero
omiindustriies: illyana
percussa: super signal processor
polyend: anywhere and poly 2
prism: rings: alternate panel (black and gold)
retro mechanical labs: electron fuzz custom and guitar pedal interface
rossum electro-music: panharmonium
schlappi engineering: 100 grit
spaceman effects: polaris
steady state fate: autodyne
studio electronics: se-02 ext box
synthrotek: fold, lpg, mix, obey and vco
t-rex: replicator
tall dog electronics: μbraids se
the harvestman: model 9791 mark iii: hertz donut
triode pedals: astrolāb
verbos electronics: control voltage processor
vintage synth lab: d-env
vermona: quadropol, randomrhythm and unicycle
waldorf: quantum
wmd: axys

Mannequins by Whimsical Raps

coming soon:
humble audio: algo expander and quad operator
modal electronics: argon8 and craftsynth 2.0
moog music: model 10
rossum electro-music: linnaeus

our featured modules:

Featured Module: WMD Aperture
wmd aperture

the aperture is a variable-width bandpass filter with fast and tactile
controls. it is capable of simple filtering, self oscillation fm timbres,
nasty acidic squelches, and capturing images of ufos descending
from the heavens on a cold winter's night.

normal price : $349.00
featured price : $279.00

Featured Module: Sputnik Modular Quad Function & Trigger Source
sputnik modular quad function & trigger source

the quad function & trigger source provides four independent or
paired (quadrature mode) function generators.

normal price : $299.00
featured price : $239.00

Featured Module: Intellijel Designs Metropolis
intellijel designs metropolis

the metropolis is a unique and powerful musical sequencer inspired by
the ryk m-185 (a roland system 100m format sequencer.) but with many
additional enhancements and functions. the metropolis comprises eight
"stages", each with its own assignable gate mode, pulse count and pitch
value. each stage can also have a special slide or skip function activated
too. the slide functionality is a constant time portamento very similar
to the roland tb303 (unlike most synths/sequencers that use constant rate
portamento) which produces a very musical and interesting result.

normal price : $580.00
featured price : $475.00

Grey Line

Noise Engineering

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