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vnicursal vca (assembled)

price : $260.00

Vnicursal VCA

vnicursal vca (diy kit; assembly required)

price : $170.00

the vnicursal vca is a 6 channel 8hp ota-based linear vca. the 6 vcas are summed together so it can be used as a mixer too. the 6 outs are normalled to the sum so they can be removed from the mix and used on their own. there are also jumpers on the pcb to select dc or ac coupling for each channel.

+5v will get you close to clipping, anything above that will give you distortion, so attenuators for cv are helpful. the potentiometers act as offsets so you can use lfos to open and close the vca.

2 different versions are available, the one for trimmer pots(pictured above) and one with larger panel holes for alps threaded dshaft pots and make noise style rogans.

skiff friendly: 35mm deep.
power consumption: +12v 35ma, -12v 35ma.
panel is made of laser cut acrylic.

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