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tallin: dual discrete core vc amplifier model of 1956

price : $189.00

Tallin: Dual Discrete Core VC Amplifier Model of 1956

tallin is a dual voltage controlled amplifier (vca) with overdrive, offering some unusual control features and a range of attractive tonal characteristics. each of the two identical channels offers two simultaneously available inputs for voltage control over signal attenuation or gain, with linear and exponential response to cv. volume control knobs offer manual gain settings ranging from fully closed (-80db) up to +18db. a color led indicator displays output signal levels. a soft-clip circuit avoids harsh clipping distortion, while a switchable overdrive circuit offers two carefully crafted distortion responses, simulating the sound of classic tube amplifiers.

since both cv inputs are simultaneously active, they can be jointly exploited within patches featuring more complex volume control that otherwise would require using two traditional vcas in series. as the signal path is dc-coupled, tallin can also be used for handling the control voltages. to find out about possible applications and patch ideas, please refer to the manual.

discrete core analog vca circuitry
simultaneous linear and exponential voltage control
dc-coupled for control voltage processing
multi-color signal level indication
two distinct amp overdrive characteristics

eurorack synth compatible
6hp, skiff friendly
current draw: +50ma / -50ma
reverse power protection

download the users manual here.

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