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hrad: mixing console expansion model of 1967

price : $280.00

HRAD: Mixing Console Expansion Model Of 1967

hrad is an expander for our praga four-channel stereo mixer that adds new functionality and enhancements. hrad features a master section with stereo volume control over the overall mix with five-bar led stereo level indicator, a stereo sum output that is switchable between eurorack and line level, a headphone output with volume control that is independent of the main attenuator, a special cue input that can be auditioned with and without the mix, four control inputs for automated muting/unmuting of individual channels, four inputs for voltage control over the aux send levels, four insert points in the aux sends, and two stereo attenuators for praga's two aux return pairs.
expander for xaoc praga mixer module
cv inputs for controlling aux sends
two stereo aux return attenuators
four insert points for aux sends
main volume control with level indicator
switchable euro/line level outputs
headphone driver with additional cue input
gate inputs for channel muting control

eurorack synth compatible
10hp, skiff friendly
current drawn from praga: +50ma/-35ma
no reverse power protection!

download the user manual here.

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