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triple bipolar vca

price : $229.00

Triple Bipolar VCA

intoducing the wmd triple bipolar vca, the input side expansion for our phase displacement oscillator. this module provides dedicated inverting/polarizing/bipolar amplitude modulating inputs normaled to the phase modulation inputs on the pdo.

a bipolar vca is like a normal vca when operated with positive control voltage. but when using a negative control voltage, the output will swing back through zero amplitude and the output will be inverted. this produces deeper modulation than a normal vca.

the triple bipolar vca is also designed to be used as a standalone module, it does not require the pdo to operate.

three bipolar vcas
normaling to pdo
linear response
bipolar attenuator for cv
mix output sums all three vcas
bi-color signal leds
"-" input for mix through zero
skiffable pcb design
8 hp
+80ma/-75ma current consumption

controls and i/o:
+ in - this is the normal input for each vca channel. it drives the inverting side of the bipolar vca. these inputs are normaled from outputs on the pdo.

- in - this is the second input for the vca channel. normaled through this jack is the inverted signal from the + input. plugging in here converts the channel from a bipolar vca to a dual vca. negative control voltages will open the - side, and positive control voltages will open the + side. this allows you to use two modulation sources and alternate between them, while still retaining control over amplitude.

cv - this input jack drives the cv knob. it can handle unipolar or bipolar signals.

out - this is the output of each vca channel. they are normaled to the phase modulation inputs on the pdo.

bias knob - sets the manual gain for the vca. centered will have a zero output (with 0v control voltage).

cv knob - this knob is a bipolar attenuator for the signal applied to the cv jack. spin clockwise from center for positive cv interactions, counterclockwise to invert the cv.

mix out - this output jack mixes the signals from each vca.

manual is available here with installation instructions.

the triple bipolar vca is 8hp.
current consumption is 80ma for the +12 rail; 75ma for the -12 rail.
the depth from the back of the panel is roughly 25mm.

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