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price : $269.00


the chimera, pronounced "kai-meer-ah", is wmd's first percussion synthesizer module for eurorack.

first, we recorded samples of different metallic hits to create the sonic signatures that we call surfaces. the sources include tambourines, sleigh bells, drill bits, wrenches, shell casings, coins, chains, stomp box enclosures and about 50 eurorack panels from an order that came damaged from our supplier.

second, we built a proprietary granular synthesis engine around the sonic signatures with the goal of making a module that could sound like a human hitting and shaking a tambourine. with the fundamentals finished, we tweaked the control ranges, built the post-engine effects, and bomb-proofed the hardware.

from there we pushed and polished the engine and user experience, squeezing every juicy drop out of 8hp.

humanistic shakers, drum machine tambourines, laser guns, minimal techno offbeats, giant-robot movie sound design, etc. it's all yours with the chimera.

depth: 30mm (with cables)
power: +63ma, -17ma

all cv inputs:
100k ohm impedance
cv inputs sum with knobs. full sweep is 5v

gate inputs:
100k ohm impedance
2v threshold schmitt trigger

audio output:
220 ohm impedance
20vpp range
1.0ms latency max

firmware upgradeable via usb

manual is available here.

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