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the plan : the goal for analogue haven is simple : we only sell high-quality equipment that we personally use. this ranges from synthesizers, both hardwired and modular, through to effect processors, sequencers, control interfaces, professional audio recording gear and loads of things in-between.

we are the exclusive usa distributor of doepfer modular synths, midi controllers, and d.i.y. products, as well as a host of small hand crafted electronic gear from around the world. these include the mind wretching numbness of the usa metasonix line, the sleek digital stylings of manikin and the cross filtering madness of the entire german vermona line, as well as the analog goodness of yesteryear combined with the technology of today in the scottish macbeth m5, the entire new moog and dave smith instruments line, and the technology and vision in the nord, elektron, radikal technologies, and access groups. we are also very into modular gear and welcome you to explore the offerings from doepfer, livewire, cwejman, analogue solutions, and motm that we represent, because once you start patching and turning knobs there is no turning back....

we stock and support everything listed throughout these pages...

web store : as you delve into "what we sell", you will notice shipping cart icons on most of the items we sell. take a moment to notice if the item is listed as "in stock" and if so, that item is in our store and available. if you are interested in purchasing that item, clicking on the cart will take you to our secure web server where the item can be ordered. if the item is listed as "email us for availability", then it is not in stock and you can feel free to contact us by phone or email with further questions.

payment methods : we accept a wide variety of payment methods including paypal, money order or cashier's check, personal check, mastercard, visa and good old fashioned cash. personal checks will have to clear our banking system before items can be shipped.

trade-ins, used and vintage gear : yes we do take trade-ins of good condition gear to help offset the price of customer purchases. feel free to call or email us a list of items you are considering "moving out of" so that you can check out something else. we will be as fair as we can be. also do not forget to check out our used gear page which is listed here.

shipping : we are currently shipping all domestic orders UPS and international orders vis USPS Global Express Mail. this gives us the ability to track and insure your shipment which is most important to the both of us. in most cases, you will be emailed a tracking number the day your order leaves our store. all equipment is shipped as-new in sealed packaging unless otherwise noted and packed within the specific carrier's guidelines. due to contracts with most manufacturers we usually only sell within the 50 states of the usa, the commonwealth of puerto rico and canada. every manufacturer has a different policy so it may be possible to ship to other countries under certain circumstances. confused? contact us and we will see what we can do.

sales tax : orders to californian residents are charged a mandatory 9.75% state sales tax. this is applicable whether the order is delivered, picked up in person or shipped. no other destinations are charged a tax since its considered an out-of-state purchase.

returns : all equipment is sold as new (ie 100% working) and comes with a printed invoice as proof of purchase (for insurance, return and tax reasons). if, for any reason, the invoice was not included with the equipment please get in contact with us and a replacement will be sent to you. if any equipment arrives damaged then please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a refund or return authorisation. new equipment is warrantied from us for 30 days from the day the customer first receives it. most manufacturers offer at least a one year return policy but after 30 days you must go through their return process (however sometimes we can make exceptions to help out with this process).

new equipment may also be returned within 30 days if it is in the original condition and the packaging is unopened. if it is opened then a 15% re-stocking fee will apply so that we can sell it as "used". In this case shipping and insurance fees will not be refunded.

please contact us before shipping equipment back.

one last thing : we want you to be satisifed with your purchase and ask for your repeat business. in fact, it is the only way we are going to stay around. if you have any questions prior to purchase, or are not satisfied for any reason afterwards, please contact us and we will attempt to remedy the situation within all necessary reasonable means. also, we can usually source specific audio gear and musical instruments that are not listed here, so if there is a particular piece that you are looking to purchase please get in touch and we'll put out some "feelers" to try and find it at a reasonable price for you.

the people behind analogue haven :
shawn : email
interests : tape delays, analog effects, (over)compression, japan, feedback, dissonance, cv, modulars, boutique manufacturers, tubes, bandpass filters, the cure, simon posford, green nuns of the revolution, total eclipse and skinny puppy.

music projects: schism, soviet bloc
mike : email
interests: music, sports, technology, family, web design, good food and better friends.

music project : progscape radio
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