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price : $329.00


the twinvcamp is an outmost versatile and high grade dual vca. its luxurious configuration and thought-out internal connection make it a valuable tool for every modular synthesizer.

for each vca, the amplification-ratio can be switched from exactly 1:1 to 1:4. this allows useful uplifting of weak input signals. at the same time, audio signals with high input level will be harmonically saturated and compressed.

the response curves of both vcas can be independently switched from linear to semi-logarithmic - a curve specially adapted to musical audio signals.

both vcas can be used independently or in combination:
vca1 may serve as offset-generator for vca2
both vcas can share the same control voltage
the summed output of both vcas will be output separately

twinvcamp is more than just two vcas in a single module: dual- or stereo-vca, a voltage controlled 2-in-1 mixer, overdrive unit...

every vermona module is carefully produced, checked and packed in our "elektroakustischen manufaktur" in erlbach, germany. advanced circuits and the usage of quality components build the foundation for a module of highest usefulness and of long life-time.

technical specifications:
audio properties
frequency range: 20 hz - 20 khz (±0,2 db)
signal-to-noise ratio: > 100 db
thd+noise: 0,05% @ 5vss

signal input
nominal input level: +13 dbu / 10vss
max. input level: +24 dbu
input impedance: 100 ko

max. input level: +10 v
input impedance: 1 mo

max. output level: +20 dbu
output impedance: 600 o
amplification: 12 db

power consumption
+12v: 60 ma
-12v: 30 ma

dimensions / weight
width / height: 10 te / 3he
depth: 30 mm
weight: 132 g

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