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verbos electronics
mini horse

price : $669.00

Mini Horse

the mini horse from verbos electronics gmbh is a multi-dimentional touch activated voltage controller. at 42hp wide and ultra thin, it can be added to a synthesizer system either inside the eurorack or out front in the forthcoming black box extra low profile powered enclosure. twelve keys run across the front, each with its own gate out, pressure out and position out. in addition to the individual keys' outputs the master section presents the parameters of which key was last pressed in addition to a tunable from the knob behind the key and a "fixed" voltage, spanning from 0-10v across the keys from left to right. position outs have memory of their position when last touched, allowing the user to draw a mix across the keys when connected to voltage controlled mixers as in the harmonic oscillator or bark filter processor.

+12v 140ma, -12v 115ma
<15mm deep

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