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price : $236.00

within the myopic domain of patch-cord cowboys wiggling cheeks to the beat of blinkie lights, the outside world is escaped from...forgotten...even ignored. if it's strumed it's ho-hummed. banged? danged! sung? save your lungs!

the triple-3 aims to shatter the safe confines of urkle's inner-sanctum. trogotronic welcomes in the freaks who with to interact with yon knob collection in an entirely new fashion: the model 333 m is a three channel audio-to-cv generator that reacts to audio input in a very useful way:

as a traditional envelope follower
as a nine step event sequencer
"ditto" in a third discrete channel

mic your neighbors loud-assed hog & you have a two channel sequencer which is triggered in time to the odd, organic lope of her milwaukee-made v-twin; mic bonzo's kick drum & your rig reacts to every extra drunken lazy foot kick; patch it to maso's flying altoids "shaker box" full of japanese pennies & your modules are perfectly controlled by the supernatural osaka master of the 55-second polyester display. 333 m series even means yer barking dog is officially in your techno-band. mazel tov fair fido! 333 features:

3 channel audio-to-cv generator
1 envelope generator
2 channel, 9 step event sequencer
3 discrete decay controls (1 for each channel)
input attack control
input preamp gain control
sequencer range control
sequencer mode selector
12 blinding blue & red lights
compact @ only 10hpv
sequence breakout bus foreshadows "more to come"

gain control allows the use of everything from the weak signal of a mic or guitar with no preamp to the "hot" signal output from another module without trouble. range, attack & decay controls allow a great number of adjustments to create odd/organic sequences as well as shaping the envelope. sequence mode selects progressive or single step activation; both modes have our unique smooth-transition circuitry between steps. two sequencer channel decay controls modify cv creating either hard staccato steps or slowly fading voltage glory. model 333 m ships complete with printed user guide, trogotronic owner's card, 7" power bus ribbon cable, allen head fasteners + usa made installation tool packaged in an almost handsome, earth-killing recyclable box. trogotronic road-proven construction means all controls are fastened to the the control board with a nut not just soldered to the circuit board only to be throw-away after a few hard tours of duty. and, of course, all trogotronic instruments are hand-made in the stinkin' usa by subhumans rather than contracted out to the cheapest overseas bidder by the boardroom fascist overlords.

depth 2" (with power cable attached)
+12v rail peak current 120ma (sequence switch @ "9")
+12v rail average current 70ma
-12v rail peak current 5ma
cv output 0 to +10.5v


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