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price : $250.00


a jupiter-6 inspired filter in eurorack

the roland jupiter-6 is a 1980s analogue polysynth with a great sounding multimode filter that is quite distinct from other roland filters of the same era. here it is recreated in a 14 hp eurorack module with an added 2-pole 12 db low pass mode, reminiscent of the jupiter-8. like most vintage roland filters, it is based around a cascaded operational transconductance amplifier (ota), in this case using the lm13700 ota in place of the obsolete ir3109 quad ota.

carefully compared to an original jupiter-6, jove is a faithful interpretation of the jupiter-6 multimode filter without using obsolete parts.

4 modes: 24 db low pass, 12 db low pass, band pass and high pass
2 audio inputs, one log attenuated and one non-attenuated
2 frequency cv inputs, one unipolar input and one attenuverted input
1 resonance cv input, non-attenuated

open source
jove is open source hardware. the design files are available on github.

width: 14 hp
depth: 25 mm
power: 15ma +12v, 10ma -12v

download the users manual here.

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