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price : $150.00


the synthrotek verb is a reveb module like no other. this three pt2399 unit offers a warm tape saturated spring reverb like sound but with the added flair of the subtle modulation which truly makes it shine. the input gain knob adds the the functionality by dropping back the input amount to give cathedral like sounds when the mix is high. the modulation knob can be turned manually for pitch bends, but give it a slow lfo or envelope cv to emulate pitch bends that sound like a tape echo with a broken capstan. the mix knob is a very fast responding cross fader circuit which allows audio rate inputs for further fm like modulation. add a subtle amount of reverb or crank the mix past 3 o'clock to knock the reverb signal into the rails.

cv in over mod and mix
buffered input and output
cv in for the mix is additive to the knob.
very low signal dc offset at -0.073v
trimmer to adjust input gain.
current draw: 18ma @ -12v, 87ma @ +12v, 0ma @ +5v
width: 4hp
depth: 54mm ( 2.13in )

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