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rnd (assembled)

price : $125.00

RND: Assembled

this handy module is a feature rich random voltage generator that is shallow and super powerful. it outputs random voltages (similar to a sample and hold) in time with either its internal clock, or with an external clock you can patch in. an external clock will bypass the internal clock, and the cv jack over the clock, so your random voltages will always be in sync with whatever you patch in. with cv control over both the clock speed and the range of your output voltage, you could create anything from a wildly fluctuating blur of notes all the way to a slow, lilting tune. the rnd can also be used as a clock source with it's clock out jack.

clock speeds with no cv:
slow range: 0.5hz to 2.7hz
medium range: 1hz to 10.8hz
fast range: 8.3hz to 86.7hz

clock speed range with cv input (sliders all the way up):
slow: 2.7hz to 5.1hz
medium: 10.8hz to 20.5hz
fast: 86.7hz to 164.4hz

linear cv control over clock speed and range.
over and under voltage protection on cv inputs.
cv input responds to 0 to +5v.
rnd output voltage ranges from 0v to +5v max.
keyed power header.
reverse polarity protection.
depth: 40.3mm (1.58in)
current draw:16ma @ +12v, 0ma @ -12v, 0ma @ +5v
comes with:keyed power cable, 2.5 and 3.0mm rack screws, super cool sticker.

*note: due to the voltage drop of the led in the slide pots, the range led wont light up unless the output voltage is above 2v.

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