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price : $275.00


the quadrangle is quad cascading triggered envelope generator with bipolar output attenuversion. each channel has voltage control over attack and decay/release, end of attack and end of cycle trigger outputs, and mode (ar, loop and ad). each channel's eoc is normalled to the next gate input, resulting in interesting rhythmic opportunities. channel 4 has a "stop" or "continuous looping" switch which allows either a "one shot" cascaded envelope or continuous cycling. the sum output allows for longer and more dynamic bipolar envelopes perfect for interesting modulation. users can also voltage control all of the attacks and decay/releases simultaneously when using the all a and all d/r input jacks. massive function generation, modulation, rhythm and versatility sets the quadrangle in a class of it's own.

4 cascading envelope generators
attenuverters for each envelope output (dial in that secret sauce!)
attack, decay/release and loop modes per channel
super fast ~2 ms (audio rate) envelopes
cv over attack and decay/release per channel
cv over all attack and all decay/release
bipolar voltage sum output of all envelopesv end of attack & end of cycle trigger outputs per channel
normalled eoc to next channel gate input (broken when jack is patched)
one shot or continuous looping of all channels

module width: 20hp
module depth: 15mm
current draw: +12v: 64ma, -12v: 44ma

comes with power cable, 2.5mm and 3.5mm screws

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