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atari punk concole

price : $94.95

the synthrotek atari punk console gives you all of the knob turning excitement of the original, but blows beyond expectations by giving the artist not one but two control voltage inputs. this accompanied by the rugged and time tested eurorack format makes this dual square wave oscillator an incarnation of past and future noise making greatness. synthrotek honors your creativity and your wallet by offering you low priced kits and frugal completed units.

the classic atari punk console in eurorack form! originally designed by diy electronics guru forrest mims iii as the "stepped tone generator", the atari punk console is one of the most famous and recognizable lo-fi synth circuits ever. using a single 556 dual timer ic with minimal part count, the atari punk console circuit is a solid, time-tested noise generator capable of outrageous square wave madness!

control voltage (cv) input allows step sequencers and waveform generators to expand the sonic capabilities of the atari punk console from drone to arpeggio-like dynamism. use any variable voltage source from 0-supply voltage for some glitchy goodness! the apc modular version has two cv inputs that modulate the two square wave internal oscillators.

powered by doepfer style 16-pin header connection +12v

2 potentiometer controls pulse width and frequency contour the tone.

4 hp

1.304" deep

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