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synthesis technology
e352 cloud terrarium vco: silver panel

price : $469.00

E352 Cloud Terrarium VCO: Silver Panel

e352 cloud terrarium vco: black panel

price : $469.00

E352 Cloud Terrarium VCO: Black Panel

the synthesis technology e352 combines the latest 200mhz 32-bit arm dsp with synthtech's cloud and morphing algorithms found in the legendary e340 cloud generator and the e350 morphing terrarium.

user-defined wavetables loaded via microsd card
16k color 240 x 320 tft lcd display
grayhill mil-spec optical encoder for data entry
16-bit wavetables (versus 8-bit for the e350) for 5x lower noise & thd
contains all 192 of the original e350 wavetablesv lfo mode, variable glitch energy and other added features

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