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slim o

price : $179.00

Slim O

the slim o shares our beefy oscillation sound engine, so it is every bit as gorgeously stable—and of course tracks pitch remarkably well—but is sensibly slimmed down to 8hp essentials, with no tonal or quality sacrifice allowed; the slimo is midimini big sonically, with a three position octave switch for smart and easy octaving.

add this compact, beefy vintage voice and power to your modular, sans the usual negatives connected with such quality of oscillation: excessive expenditure and space consumption, and sound sweet or searing, or somewhere else on the road to your frequency and waveform.

6 pots:
frequency, fine, fm cv, pusle width, pw cv.

1 switch:
octave - three position range switch: ±1 octave switch.

7 patch points:
1 v/o, fm cv, pw cv, tri, saw, square.

all controls and patch points:
frequency – oscillator frequency attenuator.
fine – oscillator fine-tune trim.
fm cv – frequency modulation control voltage attenuverter.
octave – +1/-1 octave switch.
pulse width – pulse width attenuator.
sync in – oscillator sync control voltage input.
pw cv – pulse width control voltage attenuverter.
1 v/o – one volt per octave control voltage input.
fm cv – frequency modulation control voltage input.
pw cv – pulse width control voltage input.
tri – triangle wave output.
saw – sawtooth wave output.
square – square wave output.

size - 8hp
depth - 39.7mm with ribbon cable attached
power usage - 20ma, 39ma (±12)

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