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steady state fate
gnd ctrl

price : $229.00

steady state fate is pleased to announce gnd ctrl (ground control), a novel, compact utility for your modular system. gnd ctrl was designed with the intention of unifying utility functions, while providing some advanced features never before seen in the modular realm. this all-in one utility is the perfect solution to bridging the ever expanding cv and audio standards of our diverse modular format. that includes video standards too! additionally, you never have to guess what your cv and audio levels are again because gnd ctrl gives you instant feedback while processing your signals. want to measure levels without affecting the signal? no problem! gnd ctrl also provides a way to measure voltages non-destructively via a dedicated meter aux input.

7 preset programmed gain/attenuation settings for scaling and interfacing modules.
buffered attenuator.
+/- 10v dc bias (post gain).
bipolar clipping indicator.
high contrast oled voltage meter (numeric and needle/bar display modes).
compact 8hp width is the perfect size for small and large systems alike.

reset - resets the micro controller.
mode - selects the voltmeter display mode.
i/o - turns the display on/off to save power when not in use.
stabilizer - adjusts the sample rate of the meter.
note: the voltmeter needle/bar mode emulates an analog meter needle and the numeric mode displays the max and min voltages to two decimal places and is accurate to within ~15mv

technical stuff:
reverse polarity protected.
rohs and ce compliant.
width: 8hp.
depth: 25mm with power.
current draw:
average: +45ma, -15ma
max: +66ma, -15ma (fully lit display and leds on).
display off: saves ~+11ma.
all inputs/outputs are dc coupled and accept +/-10v before clipping.

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