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west coast random source

price : $299.00

based on the famous source of uncertainty module, the west coast random source features:

fluctuating random voltages
two sections for creating a fluctuating voltage
cv input and control over a bandwidth of .05hz to 50khz

quantized random voltages
pulse input for generating 1v/oct quantized random voltage
cv input and knob for controlling distribution of random voltages
two different algorithmic outputs

stored random voltages
pulse input generates random voltage
1st output covers 0-‐5v range
2nd output is voltage controlled and knob alters the distribution of voltages

noise source
three dedicated outputs for pink, white and blue noise

sample & hold
cv input, pulse input and cv output
odd/even pulse output (for deciding incoming pulses)
odd/even cv output (for sampled voltages)

portamento/slew/glide with voltage control over slew time

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