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control core

price : $299.99

with the heart of a video synthesizer and the brain of a videogame console, ming mecca is the first of its kind: an ontological toy, a videogame easel, and a love letter to all things retrofuture. designed for use in eurorack format synthesizers but built to meet the demands of even the most seasoned micro-galactic interlopers, ming mecca modules will take your rig where no rig has gone before.

the control core is a gamepad-to-cv interface that supports nes-compatible peripherals. although it was designed for use with a world core as part of a ming mecca system, it can also function stand-alone as a powerful controller for your modular.

the control core features six digital outputs, two analog outputs, and a sophisticated turbo oscillator, all driven by the gamepad's directional pad and face buttons. when used together with a world core, the control core facilitates videogame-like manipulation of sprites, as well as control of various world-states and video parameters. create platforming physics with ease by using the face buttons to trigger envelope-driven jumping slopes, or use all four directional pad outputs to create a free moving space ship. add a second control core to experiment with two player mechanics in the style of atari 2600 classics.

as a performance controller, the control core can be used to generate both discreet pulses (for triggering percussion, for example) and continuous voltage (for controlling oscillator pitch, filter cutoff, etc.). the long cord connecting the module to the gamepad makes it ideal for "remote control" applications where patches need to be manipulated or performed at a distance.

width: 14hp
max depth: 1.75"
power: 210ma@ +12v, 0ma@ -12v

supports standard nes controller + nes advantage

integrated square wave generator provides turbo / retrigger capability

doubles as a gate-to-trigger converter with voltage controlled trigger length

6 dedicated gate outputs / 2 analog outputs / 1 turbo input / 1 turbo output

chaotix mode generates highly diverse digital noise when accessed via konami cheat code

compatible with original nes controller, "dogbone" controller, and nes advantage

controller not included

download the users' guide here.

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