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price : $299.00


the oscitron is an 8-bit wavetable oscillator for eurorack. it is based around the atmegatron audio engine but also has a lot of different features, which make it more suited to the modular environment. one of the key differences is the ability to capture wavetables via an audio input. there is also a "continuous capture" mode which produces vocoder-style effects. the resolution of the audio engine can be altered from the atmegatron's 32 sample wavetables, down to 16 and up to 128 samples, creating radically different timbres. there is a clock input that can be routed to many different parameters. there are 5 cv inputs for controlling the most common parameters. 16 patches can be stored internally. as with the atmegatron, different software can be uploaded to the oscitron. a port of the odytron software is ready for release in the first quarter of 2017.

uni-five companion module
the oscitron comes bundled with the uni-five companion module. this is a utility module that takes 2 bipolar ±v signals and 1 unipolar 8v signal and converts them to unipolar 5v signals, suitable for the oscitron's inputs. this is most useful for bipolar lfos and envelopes. there is also an attenuator on each input. the modules are also available separately.

8-bit wavetable module
unique wavetable pwm synthesis audio engine.
quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
white aluminium faceplate with walnut side panels
nearly all parameters controllable by cv
16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches

huge selection of waveforms and filters
sample your own wavetables using the audio input
continuous sampling mode for vocoder-style effects
powerful synthesis features that takes chiptune beyond 80s computer sounds
portamento and quantizer
pulse width and phaser controls
unique 'wave crusher' effect

32 waveforms
wavetable capture settings
fine pitch tune control
4 audio engine resolutions
15 digital filter algorithms
pulse width control
coarse pitch adjust
wave crusher effect
filter cutoff control
pitch quantizer
16 writable patches
filter resonance control
phaser effect control

1v/oct for pitch and filter cutoff
0-5v cv for pulse width, resonance and phaser
clock input (can be configured as extra cv control)
standard bipolar audio output
10 pin power and 6 pin ftdi programmer headers
4x m2.5 & m3 oscitron screws.
oscitron: 14hp, 26mm deep uni-five: 2hp, 28mm deep

uni-five companion module
28 page colour instruction manual
quick reference card
uni-five instructions
2x m3 unifive screws
2 power idc cables

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