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snazzy fx
divine hammer

price : $300.00

the divine hammer...

on guitar:
basically a really far out cv and lfo controlled saturation/tremolo/swell/psychedelic machine made for space rock , free jazz, metal and more with tons of controls.

on synth:
use it as a cv-controlled waveshaper.
it has tons of range which means many, many sounds possible!

a total of 4 different modes, 2 cv inputs , with internal normalization and an attenuverter!

plus built in feedback control!!

from clean (weird ) tremolo to super high gain spacemen 3 type/shoe gazer type swirly fuzz and really nice feedback.

it's unique sounds are via a special very high gain section (4 different gain stages...bjt/fet/mosfet with variable bias and multiple op-amp gain stages).

this all goes into a unique harmonic modulator stage of snazzy's own design which takes two copies of the signal and phase adjusts them, creating weird harmonics and swirls in time to the built in triangle lfo or your own cv inputs. it also has a switch for fixed mosfet bias or cv offset it allows you to plug euro modules straight in as cv or even as an audio source internally it's at +/-5v headroom.

the hi and lo gain modes allow for two completely different types of fx.

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