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ardcore expander

price : $170.00

add even more flexibility and power to your ardcore with the new expander.

first off, 8 buffered trigger /gate outs (10v to gurantee that even the most finicky vcas will open!!) and 8 leds allow for a whole new type of ardcore sketch: clock dividers, gate sequencers, variation generators, etc.

we also added two bi-polar cv/audio inputs with attenuators. (arduino a4 and a5) these are great for quantizers and other programs which benefit from both sides of a bi-polar waveform. no external offset needed!!

and for maximum ease of use, pins 11 and 13 have been added as seperate outs with rc filters. so many arduino sketches default to pin 11 that we thought it would be nice to have the option of plugging straight in. so now you can use the dac or pin 11. or the dac and pin 13. or any combination.

and with the added reset button, selecting individual sketches within one of the compound multi-sketches is super easy!!!

don't forget:
the expander allows you to start taking advantage of new programs!!
and it adds more controls (or cv inputs) to complex performance sketches like the multi-mode arppegiator!!

its never been easier to add 60 modules worth of functionality to your modular. and with the ardcore expander, you can load even more preset programs, edit in even more cv control, or create more complex sketches.

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