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pittsburgh modular

price : $139.00

the sequencer module is a compact, simple 8 step analog sequencer. it uses an external clock to cycle through 4, 6, or 8 steps. the output of the sequencer can be used control the pitch of an oscillator, modulate a filter, or manipulate any module with a cv input.

complex sequences can be created using a combination of the reset, hold, and add inputs. the reset input can be used to create odd or variable length loops while hold pauses the movement of the sequencer. voltage from the add input is summed with the voltage created by the sequencer transcribing the output.

the sequencer module also makes a great sub-octave generator. clocking the sequencer at audio rates using the square wave of an oscillator turns the sequencer into a sub-octave waveform generator able to produce 1, 2, or 3 octaves below the frequency of the clock.
variable step count of 4, 6, or 8 steps
reset cv input
hold cv input
transpose cv adder input
cv range: 0-10v
dual outputs

module controls
assignable voltage knobs
sets the output voltage from 0-10v for each of the 8 sequencer stages.

variable step count switch (4 8 6)
sets the number of steps the sequencer module cycles through. 4, 8, or 6 steps can be selected.

clock input (clk)
clock source can be a square wave, gate or trigger signal.

reset input (rst)
positive voltage resets the sequencer to the first step.

hold input (hld)
positive voltage pauses the sequencer.

transpose input (add)
control voltage adder. adds voltage of incoming signal to the output of the sequencer. a simple way to transpose the output of the sequencer.

outputs (out)
dual buffered sequencer outputs.

size: 14hp
depth 25mm
power usage: 30ma

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