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pittsburgh modular

price : $199.00


the crush is an audio destroyer; a voltage controlled, all analog sound decimator. a sonic laser designed to shatter waveforms into a million pieces. the sound of the crush module is defined by three parameters, sample rate, interpolation, and mix. sample rate assigns the periodic voltage sample timing, breaking down an audio source into ever-larger static chunks. the interpolate switch tries to rebuild the original waveform from the remaining pieces imprinting another layer of errors and unique artifacts on the output. the results are crushing.

the crush wrecks audio without ever sounding harsh or thin. compared to a digital bit crusher, the analog crush sounds full and warm. taking advantage of unlimited bit and sample rate resolutions, the crush avoids lo-fi digital results by smoothly downsampling at infinite resolution.

an integrated voltage controlled mix circuit allows the perfect amount of destruction to be added to the audio. manually set the mix or use a control voltage to sweep from squeaky clean to completely crushed.

crush controls:
sample rate control - sample rate control.
sample rate cv in control - sample rate cv input jack attenuator.
interpolate/step mode switch - step mode offers true downsampling. interpolate mode attempts to smooth the downsampled waveform.
output mix control - controls the signal mix of the mix out.
mix cv in control - mix cv input jack attenuator.
crush patch points:
sr cv in - cv input modulates the sample rate.
mix cv in - cv input modulates the output mix.
input - waveform input.
crush out - processed waveform output.
output - mixed waveform output.

size: 8hp
module depth with ribbon cable attached: 36.5mm
power usage: 45ma

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