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iotine core

price : $1,495.00

the iotine core is a dual in, 3 out analog processor that redefines what can be achieved in an outboard processor. the ic features 3 separate processing layers that each include a filter, vca, and a selection of saturation circuits.

the dual channel sat selection with variable drive offers rich texture and intensity circuits designed to alter sound density through analog distortion and waveshaping techniques.

dynamic movement of frequency and amplitude of the layers is a base design feature of the ic. the movement is derived from envelopes that are triggered from the sound itself, resulting in organic and flexible modulation that conforms to the sound and creates a living animation that pulls out or pushes down elements of the sound.

further processing can be applied by separating the layers on output from the ic, allowing external mixing and effecting options that expand the unit into an incredibly flexible processing system.

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