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møffenzeef mødular
m.s.g ii: limited edition, black

price : $150.00


the "msg" (mini søund generatør) ii is finally here! packed with 8 rich algørithms, this little nøise bøx can make a wide palette øf søunds. msg ii can dø: fm synthesis, am synthesis, phase distørtiøn synthesis, hard sync, wavetable synthesis, detuned triangle waves, detuned sawtøøth waves and øur famøus byte-beat inspired glitch algørithm.

equipped with a ¼" mønø audiø and dc pøwer jack, this lil' bastard feels at høme while in the cømpany øf øther grubby "nøise kid" devices - especially cheap delay pedals. msg ii is før løvers øf løfi, drøne, nøise, paranørmal activity, and glitch!

søurce cøde can be døwnløaded frøm øur github and tweaked tø yøur liking free øf charge, høwever, we are alsø øffering øur chip bundles før thøse whø aren't quite ready tø take the plunge intø cøde. chip bundles are compatible with version 1, version 2, and our muskrat module.

8 selectable algørithms
søcketed chip tø alløw før expansiøn chip swapping
¼" audiø jack
dc jack + battery clip
øpen søurce
a github with an øverwhelming amøunt øf helpful inførmatiøn

'standard' 9vdc center negative regulated pøwer supply ør (x1) 9v battery (nøt included)
current draw: 15ma +9v
battery life: ~23 høurs
100k øutput impedance ~5vpp
dimensiøns: 4.75" x 2.5 " x 1.5"

view the quickstart guide here.

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