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møffenzeef mødular

price : $249.00

the genetically mødified øscillatør (gmø) is an øpen søurce, lø-fi, digital, esøteric drum mødule. rather than taking a "set it and førget it" apprøach to drum synthesis, the gmø is øutfit with cømplete bipølar cv cøntrøl øver every parameter. the user can dial in everything frøm micrøsøund blips, tø drawn øut gøngs, tø screeching mutated beasts. when in løøping møde the gmø can be viewed as a mutated vcø, cømbining the best elements øf granular and wavetable synthesis. its løw resølutiøn øutput means løts øf side-band mødulatiøn, nøise, and møst impørtantly: character. this beast is best understøød in practice rather than in theøry.

"specimen" høt swaps sample selectiøn
"speed" cøntrøls pitch øf sample (0.01% - 300%),
"head" cøntrøls start øf sample selectiøn
"tail" cøntrøls end øf sample selectiøn
"bang!" input resets sample to start time
"øurøbørøs" tøggles løøping øn and øff
"øurøbørøs" input tøggles løøping øn and øff with a cløck or gate
bipølar cv cøntrøl øver all parameters
reverse pølarity prøtectiøn, pøwer filtering, and keyed headers
prøper +5/-5 cv input buffering and current limiting
selectiøn windøw can be as small as 10 samples
samples held in flash memøry
12bit audiø øutput
skiff friendly - løw pøwer, shalløw møunting depth

width: 12hp
møunting depth: 30mm
current draw: 50ma +12v, 10ma -12v, 0ma 5v
input impedance: 100kΩ
output impedance: 1kΩ

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