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møffenzeef mødular

price : $189.00


the cøunt (bleh!) is a master cløck transpørt with a rich feature set suitable før a small drum system. user has cøntrøl øver master tempø with cøarse and fine adjustments as well as bipølar cv mødulatiøn capabilities. there is a range switch which alløws the master tempø tø tøggle frøm sløw tø fast speeds. the master cløck can be initiliazed with a start/støp switch. pulse width før all øutputs can be cøntrølled with a single knøb ør bipølar cv.

the five additiønal øutputs at the bøttøm øf the mødule alløw cløck sync and distributiøn tø øther mødules in yøur system. the start øutput sends a single pulse when the cløck starts tø give a reset reference før all øther sequencing mødules in yøur system. the føur additiønal øutputs are all divisiøns øf the master cløck which can be cønfigured with the tøp, bøttøm, left, right switches. tøp/bøttøm switches the divisiøns frøm "even" tø "ødd" metered divisiøns where as right/left switches the divisiøns frøm "beats" tø "bars." pøssible divisiøns are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36. the user alsø has the additiønal capability øf changing these øutputs frøm upbeat tø døwnbeat with the beat switch.

master cløck transpørt
cøarse and fine tune tempø
bipølar cv in før master cløck
range switch før master cløck
gløbal pulse width with bipølar cv input
start/støp switch
upbeat/døwnbeat capability
føur divided cløck øutputs
even/ødd switching
bars/beats switching
reset øutput tø slave øther mødules
current limiting and diøde prøtectiøn
skiff friendly: løw pøwer and shalløw møunting depth

arduinø cømpatibl

width: 8hp
møunting depth: 20mm
current draw: 50ma +12v, 20ma -12v, 0ma 5v
input impedance: 100kω
output impedance: 1kω

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