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mannequins by whimsical raps
three sisters

price : $313.00

Three Sisters

three sisters related to, and reflections of, one another. together carving spectral spaces, reorganising and deconstructing tones. a kaleidoscopic lens into your world of sound.

three filters, of switched modes, independently input and returned. freq pushes all three, traveling together, while span repels forcing sources into isolation. all ins and outs are global, cohesive, united. formant passes three bands, 4 poles a piece, sounding vowels with wide span. all are transformed beyond with quality - more for resonant emphasis into ringing harmonics - less for the anti-filter, white-on-white, fade to dry-simulacrum.

with high quality the sisters form a choir, singing in pure tones - three tones, in harmony or discord. centre maintains the alto counter-point, greater than its sum, driving span to introduce a cacophony of fm bell tones and hyper-stereo effects. psychoacoustics of parallel bands will eerily disconcert when spatialized effectively.

variable shelves and razor-band response can be designed with smart self-patches. equalizing peaks and process-heavy notches are only a cable away. swim to the edge, climb the ladder, and dive back in.

download the users manual here.

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