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mannequins by whimsical raps
just friends

price : $420.00

Just Friends

just friends discussing the many facets of their empathic geometry. in generating manifold envelopes, projecting impulses, cycling on parallel gradients. together navigate the sixth nexus into your own personal patch communion.

six vectors in similar shapes, asymmetrically skewed by ramp. once linear trajectories soften to sines with curve, or bend through exponentials, trapezoids, to variably widthed pulses. all members are temporally based by time as they slow from taut snaps to oceanic undulations, with tempic relationships constructed from intones integer fractions. mode employs the west-coast archetypes to all, while separate triggers and outs promote rhythmic independence. the complex mix output twists on tradition for rippling semi-cyclic topographies.

shifting into sound, accelerates to a fleet of oscillators or mangrove-styled impulse generators. time becomes pitch, while intone defines a harmonic argument, pivoting utone through otone. trigger normalization allows for collective sets, with unjust chords combined in a final mix. through-zero fm embodies collective contortions in two timbres of depth or discernment.

explore interpersonal dynamics with run. define retrigger sensitivity for variable tempo and frequency division of shapes and sounds. a level of sustenance adds an additional stage of decay, or cook up pseudosequences with self-modifying burst generation. discover attunement for and within harmonic pings of variable timebase, then engage complete polysyntheticism with just type.

download the users manual here.

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