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varigate 4

price : $229.00

Varigate 4

the varigate 4 is a 4-channel, 8-step gate sequencer with parameter per-step control of probability, repeat and delay as well as global parameter controls. clock input allows for external clocking to progress sequences and reset gate input sets all steps to 1. varigate 4 also includes randomizer functions for both repeat and delay. the additional ability to save presets make this compact module perfect for live performance.

4 channels of 5v gate outputs
8 steps per channel
save presets
clk in: clock input with led indicator
reset: gate input for resetting to step 1 and led indicator
probability: control the probability of a step outputting a gate.
repeat: control the amount a step repeats
delay: control the amount of delay per step.
randomizer functions for both repeat and delay
led bar graph: displays the step currently being adjusted as well as a final overview of all adjusted steps.
leds for a,b,c and d indicating gate outs for each channel.
global mode: tempo coarse this parameter adjusts the internal clock between 30 and 255 bpm tempo fine this parameter adjusts the clock +/- 25 bpm clock divide this parameter divides the internal or external clock by a factor of 1 to 8 pulsewidth this parameters adjusts the length of gates on the output between a pulsewidth of 20% and 80%


download the user manual here.

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