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malekko heavy industry

price : $80.00

the output module accepts a mono signal into the two inputs, a and b either individually or simultaneously, and can be attenuated from a maximum of unity gain to zero. the module is ac coupled on both the input and output to lessen the interactive effect on bias of equipment connected to it.

if the input is a single signal, in either input a or b, it is routed to both signal path a and b, and the signal in a is inverted. the signal is then routed to the output jacks as a stereo signal on output b and an inverted stereo signal on output a. you may select either of the outputs for the desired stereo signal or you may select both outputs a and b for a dual mono output, with the inverse signal being presented at output a.

if both inputs a and b are used simultaneously, the input in a is inverted and routed through the module's a side signal path to the tip of output a and the ring of output b. the input in b is routed through the module's b side signal path to the tip of output b and the ring of output a. now you may choose either output a or b for a stereo output or both outputs a and b for a dual mono output with the signal input into b displayed at output b and the inverse of the signal input into a displayed at output a.

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