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Malekko Heavy Industry


8NU8R 8nu8r
AD/LFO ad/lfo
AD/LFO-V ad/lfo-v
Assmaster assmaster
Boogie Filter boogie filter
CV/Gate Expander cv/gate expander
Din/Sync Expander din/sync expander
Envelator envelator
Fade fade
Invert Mix invert mix
Joystick Axis Generator joystick axis generator
Mix4 mix4
Mute4 mute4
Noise noise
Output output
Power 1.3 power 1.3
Performance Buffered Mult performance buffered mult
Quad Envelope quad envelope
Quad Gate Delay quad gate delay
Quad LFO quad lfo
Richter Anti-Oscillator richter anti-oscillator
Richter Dual Borg Filter richter dual borg filter
Richter Envelator richter envelator
Richter Mega-Wave richter mega-wave
Richter Noisering richter noisering
Richter Oscillator II richter oscillator ii
SND/RTN snd/rtn
Switch switch
Sync sync
Unity Mixer unity mixer
Varigate 4+ varigate 4+
Varigate 8 varigate 8
VCA vca
Voltage Block voltage block
XMix xmix
Analogue Haven