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malekko heavy industry

price : $110.00


analog x-fade module

beautiful aphrodite lusted after more than one; thus fade was created!

the malekko fade is a vactrol audio crossfader with a unique cv-able vactrol level control. the fade is custom-tuned for a smooth, musical response when used with audio sources.

the crossfade from input one to input two and the vactrol level have manual controls, as well as cv inputs for external control. the vactrol level control adjusts the output level of the fade, as well as changing the curve of the crossfade. modulating the crossfade and the vactrol level simultaneously can result in very interesting amplitude modulation sequences! and since the level has a cv input you've got yourself a handy vca!

crossfaders have a number of uses in modular systems: waveshaping (crossfading waveforms at audio rate), cv 2>1 mixing, smoothly transitioning between audio sources, controlling feedback paths, etc...note = the fade will pass cv (dc) signals, but the output is inverted.

the fade is 4hp wide, 15mm deep and consumes approximately 40ma of power.

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