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price : $269.00


tempi is a 6 channel, polyphonic time-shifting clock module. it provides an intuitive method for creation and recall of complex clocking arrangements within a modular synthesizer system. using human and/ or machine programming you could re-create most classic clock divider and multiplier arrangements and then continue on to create new ones. store up to 64 for later recall and select them using control signals from within your system or the select bus.

6 simultaneously programmable and patchable clocks
human programming is fast and intuitive, machine programming provides effortless precision
program clock multiplier or divisor, phase, mute and mod
integer and non-integer multiplier, divisor and phase remove the shackles of traditional clocking modules
clock mod allows for channel shifting or run/ stop behaviors
all programming done real-time and able to be stored as a state for later recall
stores 64 states in 4 banks of 16
voltage controlled state selection
external tempo in remembers last stored tempo
highly stable, low jitter clocking algorithm
maximum artist controlled musical variation, minimum data input
pairs well with rené

width: 10hp
max depth: 24mm
46ma @ +12v
0ma @ -12v

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