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make noise

price : $299.00


the mysteron is a voltage controlled dual digital waveguide algorithm that is a bit of a mystery even to those of us involved in its design. despite being completely digital, it is highly organic, displaying variation in outcome often seen only in nature. it is a formless blob of dsp that you grow, modulate and patch program into new sounds, some vaguely recognizable and others completely otherworldly. the range of sounds possible is quite large. from pianissimo to fortissimo, short percussive bursts to bowed, sustaining pitches. the two waveguides can be pitched together or independently, mutated with harmonic or inharmonic waveforms and fed back into themselves or each other.

complete digital synthesis voice
patch programmed, without menus or presets
unique algorithm never before utilized in any synthesizer or module
voltage control over all parameters
attenuators for all cv inputs
quantize mode ensures good musical tracking
pairs well with the optomix and erbe verb

width: 14hp
depth: 24mm
power: +12v @ 95ma -12v @ 25ma

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