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make noise

price : $235.00


a vactrol based voltage controlled filter and low pass gate using our qmmg core. the mmg bridges the far east and west coast synthesis styles by allowing for highly resonant acidic squelch and organic, percussive animations to be programmed simultaneously with a single module.

input with attenuator, drive and compressing overload circuit with led indicator
dc input for combining control and/ or audio signals
mode allows for smooth voltage controlled sweep between low pass and high pass responses with led indication
frequency control with bi-polar cv attenuator and additional unity cv input
voltage controlled q yields everything from smooth to aggressively clamped resonances
automatic gain control keeps signal levels under control at high resonance settings
accent input for x0x style punch
strike input for lpg style bongo plonks
pairs well with the echophon and phonogene

width: 12hp
max depth: 24mm
power: 40ma@ +12v, 40ma @ -12v

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