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make noise

price : $165.00


function is part of the maths family of control voltage utility modules. it is a small analog computer designed for solely musical purposes:

generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential functions
functions as short as 2ms and as long as 25 minutes per cycle!
triggered functions (envelope)
continuous functions (lfo)
invert and/ or integrate (lag, slew, portamento)
discrete time functions (s&h, t&h)
leds indicate activity on all outputs
end of rise and end of cycle pulses facilitate programming of more complex functions
all outputs capable of driving a passive 4 way mult without loading effects (no buffered mult needed here)
perfect for modulating the dpo and just about anything else

width: 8hp
max depth: 24mm
power: 30ma@ +12v, 20ma @ -12v

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