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video ramps

price : $169.00

video ramps is a dual synchronized waveform generator. one ramp generator is locked to the vertical interval of the video display (field-rate sync), and the other is locked to the horizontal interval (line-rate sync). four different output waveforms are available from each ramp generator, including sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, triangle, and inverted triangle. video ramps offers a minimal solution to augment your systemís available waveform generation capabilities (such as video waveform generator modules), with outputs that are useful in almost any wipe or shape generation application. additionally, the outputs can be used to sweep the x & y inputs of an oscilloscope or vector display for vector rescanning experimentation. video ramps requires internal connection to a video sync generator module via the special provided 14-pin idc cable in order to function.

width: 4hp (0.8 inches)
mounting depth: 1.75 inches
power consumption: tba

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