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triple video interface

price : $279.00

Triple Video Interface

triple video interface is a wideband analogue input module for external video sources and serves multiple use cases. input sources are dc restored, sync clipped, and scaled to proper voltage levels before output for processing and patching throughout an lzx visionary video synthesis system. in addition, three composite sync outputs can be used to feed genlock inputs on external devices for synchronizing purposes. also included is a yuv to rgb colorspace converter - with this feature, an external component (yprpb source) can be translated to the rgb colorspace internally.

please be aware that this module does not include time base correction, frame synchronization, or composite color decoding features. if those features are required, you will need the color time base corrector module.

please note: this module requires connection to the video sync generator by means of a video sync distribution chain cable which must be purchased separately.

external video input example diagrams

width: 6hp
mounting depth: 1.75 inches
lzx sync cable required? yes

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