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triple video fader & key generator

price : $499.00

the new batch of tvfkg which are now shipping do have new features and some performance upgrades. the primary feature is that each keyer has a "soft/linear" key mode, which adds a whole new technique to the system. our website will be updated with new product text and an updated photo soon.

the triple video fader & key generator (tvf) is a versatile signal processing module which includes three separate voltage-controlled crossfaders and three separate voltage comparators (key generators). cascaded input columns and selectable crossfader control source modes allow complex operation for a variety of purposes such as crossfading, multiplication, luma keying, chroma keying, window comparison, simple comparison and amplitude classification.

control voltage inputs and bias controls:
control voltage (cv) inputs have corresponding level/inversion controls, allowing both addition or subtraction of the input signal from the additional 1v bias controls. once the cv input and bias level are summed, they control the key generatorís comparator threshold. depending on the crossfader control source mode, they may also directly control the corresponding crossfader.

signal inputs to a and b channels of the voltage-controlled crossfaders are accessible via the frontpanel. mode switches allow selection of the control voltage source for the crossfaders. the fade mode enables the summed cv & bias voltages to control the crossfader directly. the key mode enables the the corresponding key generator output to control the crossfader directly. the and mode enables a logical and generated from all three key generators to control the crossfader directly. in addition, crossfaders 2 & 3 can select crossfader 1ís control source for use as a master control. crossfader outputs are accessible on the right side of the frontpanel.

key generators:
the key generators are voltage comparators which generate a logical 1v signal when one input is higher than the other. signal inputs to the key generators are accessible via the frontpanel. key inputs are by default connected to corresponding a channel fader inputs via switched jacks. in a traditional video keying arrangement, this means the key source can be derived from either the a channel video, or from a separate source patched into the key inputs as a mask. there are inversion toggle switches to select a positive or negative key output. direct outputs for the key generator are accessible on the frontpanel.

width: 16hp
maximum current draw: 135ma

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