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sensory translator

price : $249.00

Sensory Translator

dissect sonic energy into a rainbow of visual modulation sources! sensory translator is an audio-to-video interface module designed to generate a variety of visually rich animation control signals. the audio input and internal microphone are mixed together and processed by bass and treble tone controls before being fed into a bank of five 4-pole band pass filters. these bandpass filter outputs are then processed by individual envelope followers. each envelope follower has 3 decay speeds, as well as an impulse mode for beat-to-trigger extraction. all signal paths and control ranges are compatible with standard eurorack audio module signal ranges, so this module is equally at home in an audio synthesis system.

omnidirectional electret microphone mounted on the frontpanel, 3 preamp gain settings and dedicated output.
external audio input selectable between line and modular level voltages.
2-input mixer including equalizer with bass/treble controls.
five 4-pole precision bandpass filters, each with 2-octave bandwidth.
five envelope followers with three decay speed settings, dedicated led indicators, and selectable impulse mode for beat-to-trigger detection.

weight: 10 oz
dimensions: 5.5 x 4 x 2 in
width: 16hp
mounting depth: 1.25 inches
+12v power consumption: 80 ma
-12v power consumption: 70 ma

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