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price : $399.00

give your television vertigo with analogue color wheel rotation! mapper is a complex utility module which translates hue, saturation and brightness voltages into component yuv (luma, r-y, b-y) and rgb (red, green, blue) colorspaces. at its heart is an analogue, wideband polar-to-cartesian coordinates waveshaper with up to 720 degrees of linear rotation. black and white (luma) video sources can be fed into the hue modulation input to achieve vivid thermographic vision colorizer effects, and thatís just mapperís most obvious use case.

hue, saturation & brightness modulation inputs with dedicated gain controls.
saturation & brightness modulation attenuators have an inversion switch.
hue input is selectable between 360 and 720 degrees of rotation at full scale.
dedicated hue, saturation & brightness offset controls.
polar-to-cartesian waveshaper design transforms a linear input voltage (hue) into sine / cosine complement outputs (u & v out.)
yuv-to-rgb colorspace converter.

weight: 8 oz
dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 2 in
width: 10hp
mounting depth: 1.75 inches
+12v power consumption: 100 ma
-12v power consumption: 100 ma

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