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function generator (assembled)

price : $149.00

function generator (full kit)

price : $99.00

function generator produces an output which is an arbitrary function (with up to two points of inflection) of the input signal. this results in an effect that is similar to but more complex and controllable than photographic solarization. the signal is split into three regions, with controls for the light, mids, and dark regions of the input signal. each region can be amplified or inverted independently from each other.

since the core of the circuit is designed for bipolar (+/-0.5v) signals, an offset switch has been included which scales the input and output signals to match a signal within the 0 to 1v range standard of the lzx visionary system.

function generator is a circuit found in the classic sandin image processor designed and built in the 1970ís by dan sandin at the university of chicago. it has been adapted for use with the lzx visionary video synthesis system by lzx industries. we are offering this module in fully assembled and also a full kit format for users who would like to assemble the module themselves.

width: 4hp (0.8 inches)
mounting depth: 2 inches

download the manual here and the schematics here.

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