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color video encoder

price : $379.00

unlike audio, a video signal requires special information to be encoded into it in order to be displayed or recorded. synchronization signals tell the target device when to display a new frame or a new line. in addition, itís important that the signals which create the chroma (color) and luminance (brightness) information are within the valid ranges allowed according to video standards.

the color video encoder (cve) module is one of two required modules in the lzx visionary system. the cve performs the function of taking signals from three separate color input channels: red, green & blue, conditioning and encoding them so that you always see valid yuv output video in composite and s-video formats. any input signal between 0 and 1 volts becomes viewable video, while the rest is safely clipped off.

color channel inputs:
for each color channel, a bias control allows you to adjust the relative amount of this color that is added or subtracted from the input signal, and for each input an attenuverter allows you to adjust the level and inversion of the input signal. while inverting the signal by turning the attenuverter knob counter-clockwise from its center position, a positive 1v bias is also added to the signal. the inverted input signal is subtracted from 1v, which ensures the input signal is still within the 0-1v viewable range.

input normalization:
to simplify patching workflow, the green & blue channel inputs are automatically connected to the red input. this connection to red is broken when a plug is inserted into the green & blue jacks. this switched structure allows you to send a single input signal into the red input instead of using extra cables and a multiple to send the same signal to all three.

video sync generator connection: the cve requires master synchronization signals from the video sync generator module, which are passed by a special 14-pin sync cable. care must be taken that this connection is made correctly, or else the module will not function. further information can be found on the module installation page.

video outputs:
the cve can easily be configured to produce valid video output for both pal and ntsc formats by repositioning a jumper on the circuit board. you can install as many cve modules in your lzx visionary system as you like ó all of which can derive synchronization signals from a single video sync generator module. the cve has three video outputs, two composite and one s-video. the multiple signals are useful for situations in which you want to send one signal to a preview monitor and another to a projector or recording device.

width: 10hp
maximum current draw: 100ma

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