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colorspace mapper

price : $399.00

colorspace mapper is a complex color mixing and processing tool based on the conversion from hsy (hue/saturation/brightness) to yuv (brightness/red-y/blue-y) and rgb (red/green/blue) triple colorspaces. it includes several internal voltage controlled amplifiers, polar-to-cartesian coordinate waveshapers, input processors and summing circuits. all signal paths are suitable for wide bandwidth, video-rate processing.

external inputs may be patched into the hsy inputs on the frontpanel. these inputs are then processed by their associated gain/inversion controls and summed with their associated bias controls. the resulting hsy signals are then fed into the hsy-to-yuv conversion circuitry and output to the yuv jacks. the yuv signals are simultaneously fed into a yuv-to-rgb conversion matrix and output to the rgb output jacks. very powerful colorization and conversion can occur by remapping external signals to these alternate colorspaces. for example, a black and white video fed into the hue input, will cause the output colorspace to achieve a hue rotation, or thermal imaging type of effect.

the hue-to-uv waveshaper has a depth of 720 degrees (2 full rotations.)

width: 10hp
mounting depth: 1.75 inches
power consumption +12v: 105ma
power consumption -12v: 105ma
lzx sync cable required? no

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