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color chords

price : $299.00

Color Chords

color chords is a four channel summing matrix designed to mix shapes, patterns and keys into a color output image. rgb mixing is a foundational building block of video synthesis, and color chords introduces a new feature to the traditional workflow with the addition of opacity controls and layer priority. when the opacity of one layer is turned up, the brightness of the previous layers decreases, allowing mix elements to sit on top of, beneath, or in between each other.

three monochromatic signal inputs with red, green, blue and opacity level controls.
single rgb input channel allows endless chaining of multiple color chords or other rgb processing modules.
all signal paths perform at high frequency, video rate speeds

width: 16hp
mounting depth: 1.25 inches (31.75mm)
+12v power consumption: 60ma
-12v power consumption: 60ma

download the manual here.

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