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audio frequency decoder

price : $249.00

audio frequency decoder is an eight channel audio envelope extraction tool useful for audiovisualization and other techniques. an audio source is derived either via the module's internal electret microphone and preamp, or an external source from inside or outside your video synthesis system. the gain control sets the overall level of the audio signal.

once the audio source is selected and gain level set, audio is split through eight bandpass filters spread out across the audio frequency spectrum. each of these bandpass filters then passes through an envelope extractor followed by an additional low pass filter. the resulting eight outputs are control voltages which represent the amplitude of each frequency band of the original audio signal, and may be patched to control parameters in the video synthesis system to create complex moving animations which respond accurately to the frequency content of the original audio signal.

width: 8hp
mounting depth: 1.75 inches
lzx sync cable required? no

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