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tube vca

price : $260.00

Tube VCA

this design is inspired by ken stone's tube vca and based on 60s-70s soviet tube 1Ж24Б. the device has feedback loop which is normaled to in2 jack, so in2 pot controls feedback amount when nothing feed into in2 jack and feedback switch is on. when jack feed into in2, in2/feedb pot controls in2 level. distortion/clean switch controls two modes with more or less distortion which amount can be trimmed with trimpots through holes at panel. drive/in1 pot controls in1 level. gain pot controls gain offset. cv pot controls gain cv level.

the design is adapted for eurorack format but 15v is possible with changing of resistor value. boards have mounting holes for m3 screws, footprints of potentiometers, switches and power connector are compatible with mta100 headers. jacks can be wired with shielded or other wires. so 5u-ers are welcome.

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